Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Inside of Me - Emancipated

I've said it before and I'll say it again..
Being myself was the only thing I could do and be sane
And by being myself I have rediscovered my soul, my wants and my needs
I didn't realise that by being myself I could feel so free
I didn't realise that by being myself I could feel so at ease with the world
..especially you..

I smile more these days
I laugh more these days
I talk with a happy heart these days
I don't feel so burdened these days
Unburdened of time, attitude and studies
I smile more these days..

I don't have to care if people say things
Because right now nothing is true
Because I know that it doesn't apply to me even though they think it does
I smile in satisfaction when I see things that they don't
I know you smile too
But behind it I can see that you are uncomfortable
Because what they say, you don't like
Because what they think, you don't like
Smile all you want
But I know what's going through your mind

Can't you see I'm so happy now
Can't you see how tall I am now - the burdens on my shoulders are not pulling me down anymore
Maybe this should have happened a long time ago

I didn't realise how all of this would open so many doors for me
Now i see a clearer view of the whole picture
I have not forgotten what you said about seeing the whole picture
Because you turned around and went against your words

It's ok however
The world is at my feet
Now its my turn to explore it and make my own mistakes and decisions
You will still be there
But only as an observer

I smile more these days..

~Vanny has officially let go~