Saturday, January 23, 2010

I Know

I know you had a decision to make
cuz she treated you exceptionally well
and i was just a not so pretty gal
she was beautiful
and i didn't know how to treat you right
she knew how to sweet talk you
but i didn't
i just believed in true love

i know you had a decision to make
cuz she was the sociable and out-going one
with lots of friends
while i just sat in my corner

it was a long time ago you said
how i wish that was true
even now you still lie to me
cuz if it was a long time ago
why didn't i see it that day when all was found out?

i know you had a decision to make
so why choose me
if all the right directions pointed to her?

Saturday, January 16, 2010


when we used to walk back to our hostels everyday*

when everyone thought that i was jealous because I wasn't chosen to be your 'Queen'*

the crazy things we always do in bookshops*

when we took your car for its very first spin*

when we used to go to jusco cuz we did not want to hang out in college*

when we always gave the correct answers in class*

when i missed you so much*


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Oh Well~

screw the finding of leadership articles, reading of assessment notes and other nonsensical assignments now..

my late ah kong, whenever he bought groceries, would write the date he purchased those items and paste them onto the items. all the jam bottles, margarine tubs, sesame seed oil bottles and shampoos had dates stuck on them.

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~kinda makes sense now the logic of doing that~

Aamir Khan looks good in his latest movie..

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generally, all actors who have 'khan' in their names look good~ (except shah rukh khan-he's too commercialized)

a guy wrote in the papers that all cinemas in malaysia should have a 5min interval during shows (just like what they are doing in India now) so that audiences can have a toilet break or stretch their bodies and also to avoid the occurence of deep-vein trombosis (tabib you mr. newspaper article).

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i think i am in love with the indian culture, esp the punjabi one~ u noe why~