Sunday, July 26, 2009

you were a real inspiration to many
you epitomized in your works the meaning of 1Malaysia
you help to catapult our country to the top and show its diverse cultures to the world
you were humble, patient, brave and truthful

what are we to do without you now?

you have left us far too soon..

may you rest in peace
always know that you are in our minds and hearts

missing you already..

Thursday, July 2, 2009


i know i am always shrouded with insecurity
because of what happened
because of how strongly i feel about you

you think i like feeling like this?
you think i have fun with the bloody thoughts in my head?
you think i like what i did that day?-till you and i were both hurt..

thanks for trusting me
thanks for forgetting it so easily
thanks for being with me all the time
even when i misbehave

we were meant to be intertwined
with love, trust and hope
i'm trying very hard
to let myself let loose
instead of being so uptight and insecure

i love you baybee..
let the whole world know
let them think of this however they want
because what i'm saying here has an underlying meaning
let them look at it literally
only you and me will know what i really mean here

can't wait to see you later
you always make me smile and feel so protected when i'm in your arms
thanks baybee

LOVE YOU matter what they say..