Friday, January 16, 2009

An ode which is not quite an ode for a person

(Note: This is a post that will show me at my most vulnerable. It shows what my soul is going through at the moment. However, I hope my readers will not link the person I am talking about to a certain someone. The happenings in the past few days will certainly make you think that it is about that person when it actually might not. All I ask from my readers is an open mind when reading this post because I feel that only here will I be able to express myself fully without having to think about consequences.)

It was the hardest thing I had to do, developing an open mind between you and me
I was confused and hurt about all the things I heard and said
I hated the assumptions - whether by myself or by other people..I hated it
I hated how I wasn't being myself when I knew that only by doing that will I be sane..that was so foolish of me
You were there for me since the beginning as you are right now at this moment
You were with me at my darkest hours
You were with me when I went through the craziest stage of my life
You were with me when I was happy
You were always with me and you still are
Maybe that's why people find it hard to believe that after all that we've been through, you and I are still there for each other
But isn't that what friends are for?
Something that I still have to get used to
But lately it has been becoming easier
You are starting to sort out your things and I mine
And right now all I can hope for you is that you keep having a balance in your life - don't ever lose that balance because it will be hard to get back
I also hope that I can find this same balance that you are on your way to finding
No amount of 'thank yous' will do justice to you
You have opened my eyes to the world around me and my heart to the people I love
You made me rediscover my soul which was in deep need of attention and care
That is something that cannot be repaid in any form possible
All I can hope is that the ties between us are stronger than ever
And hope that nothing will set us apart
Thanks for your shoulders
Thanks for your sleeves
Thanks for making me smile in sad and frustrating times
Thanks for the security that only you can provide me
Thanks for standing up for me and protecting me through the two events that happened recently
Thanks for being patient with me
Thanks for just being there for me whenever I needed you
I'm sorry for all the hurtful things I said to you
It was never meant to hurt you
It was only a means of letting my frustrations out
The sad part is that I took it out on you
I'm so sorry..
I know you are also trying
I appreciate it
Remember that I am always here for you no matter what

All I need is time
And you have given me that


Friday, January 9, 2009

Rihanna concert!

that is like the best thing that has happened to me these past few days. and these past few days have been hectic for me alright.. was so happy when i purchased the tickets to Rihanna's concert! have been waiting for her to come here for so long. thank goodness i didn't go to her concert in singapore last year. that would have been such a waste of money. jean told me that she would be going but she bought the very very very expensive tickets which were definitely out of my budget..thank god for a friend who agreed to go with me. even though he, i don't think, really likes rihanna. used to drive him crazy singing 'umbrella'. hehe..

at least now i have some motivation to finish my assignment cuz it's due the day of her concert. no more last minute work!!

umbrella, ella, ella...


thanks my rihanna concert going friend..u know who u are..

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

my own space

i know how people have been wondering..



about what i have absolutely no idea..

but one thing i'm definitely sure about..

a person's private life is out of bounds..

so take your 'nosyness' somewhere else..

if you want to know the truth, it is only appropriate for the person mentioned to wait for a time that is suitable for a "tell-all" session..

and for those other people who have been saying bad things, i know whatever it is you are thinking and whatever it is you have been spreading..malicious, untrue, stupid and unnecessary..

just thought to inform you that these things hurt and people have feelings..

you might not like me but it is not compulsory for you to show it especially if you do not know me..

i am not one to bear grudges..

but this is unbearable..