Thursday, November 20, 2008

Einstein's back!

my dear little einstein is staying with me for 4 days! im so happy cuz haven't seen him for soo long..get to be his mommy again. all was well until we went out for dinner and when we came back we found out that he pee-d all over..that got my mum furious! he wasn't the cute einstein anymore cuz we were all in a &%#$^ he was relegated (can i say that?) to the back balcony...poor guy..but all was well cuz he's just too cute to be mad at. and it wasn't entirely his fault cuz he wasn't used to the place yet..he did all the look cute and make big puppy eyes thing at us..come on! who couldn't resist that?

here's some pics of einstein (note: he looks much better in real life. i just didn't know how to take the pics from the best angles)

here's he's looking at my mum who's eating some keropok..look at the longing in his eyes...

now he's sleeping snuggly in his blanket..he looks so peaceful.. :-)

oh yeah this afternoon had to drive to lcct cuz had to pick my relatives who juz came bak from sabah..i was so excited that i could actually drive long distance for once..followed my father and pepole who have seen me driving know that i don't like going fast..i prefer to be a snail(yes, i;m one of those kind of drivers) but i was like driving at 120-140 km/h!!..u may scoff at it but that was toooo fast for me..i was like "i'm gonna die! i'm gonna die!!!" but enjoyed the thrill anyways hehe..even at the corners i was like 120 and still! thank goodness i came home in one piece. but first time on the highway and going that fast...only god knows how fast i will drive if i have my own car..

time is running out and i still haven't figured out what to do! i'll just hv to succumb to watching reruns on tv...shit..

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cookie Madness!

I had nothing to do today (again) so finally decided to bake some yummy chocolate chip cookies! was very know, to see my creation begin to take shape. i was so excited when i put the chocolate chips in the mixture...had a few like that (hehe). when i finally had to bake them the recipe said to put large spoonfuls of the dough and flatten a bit with a i put a huge dollop and flattened it with all my expertise...lo and behold when i put it in the oven it sort of melted because of the heat and turned into like this flat expanse of cookie that looked like a chocolate chip cake than chocolate chip cookies..i was like..oh shit what have i done..disaster! i thought to myself that i can throw away any aspirations of being a baker out the window! then i strated to panic when the sides were already brown but the middle wasn't...u could imagine the amount of thinking i put my brain to today (and this is amazing considering the lack of brain cells i have been using lately). and it was all soft. aren't cookies supposed to be hard? oh well..i thought my cookies looked like they were inedible so that really made my day.sob..

this was what the first batch looked like..

oh god it's all out of shape and looks like some omelette or really really not an, with the experience of the first batch of cookies being way out of size and porportions, i became a little smarter and made the next batch much much smaller..

now this one looks more like delicious looking cookies! yummy!! not bad huh for the second attempt. sometimes i become like an 'over-perfectionist' so i didn't like it when the top wasnt brown enough so i put it in the oven toaster ( :-P) just to make it look that much better..did i cheat? oh well...but it tastes great! my sis was like waiting to devour it ( and i mean devour). and the advice i got from a 9 year old was "it has too much chocolate". that's funny considering she loves chocolate and she was the one who asked me to put that much of chocolate chips inside.. i guess we all just like to comment on something especially when that someone really didn't think she did well..that's my sis!

is making cookies really that tiring..cuz i was beat after cleaning up..i don't know how people can say they enjoy's hard work!

maybe i'll just visit the bakery next time..c ya!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Quest!

i have got no idea what to do for my birthday. it usually shouldn't be so hard to think about- who wouldn't want a day full of activities with a fabulous birthday party that never seems to end. unfortunately, this broke (SOB...) lookin for cheap alternatives but everything that so far i thought might be cheap costs at least 200-300. !!!..i've hit an absolute low. i thought of going for paintball but..yup u guessed it..still too expensive for me right now.

there goes my fun-filled day of activities...

however, i won't give up so easily and am still finding for alternatives..right now, i only want the experience of a fun birthday rather that the glamoures-ness or the expensive-ness. it has not been easy though. i don't want to just sit at home and watch tv! movies is fine but i still want something out of the ordinary.

anybody have any ideas?

maybe i should go for a picnic at the lake..or watch both sunrise and sunset..or go bungee jumping (i really want to do this! but there i go again, asking for too much)..maybe i should just go and bake some cookies like some old granny..

i don't want a boring birthday!


Monday, November 17, 2008

a try..

seems like everyone is blogging...isn't blogging a kind of diary writing except that it's for the public?
well..this is a first attempt after 'henna'...kinda got a shock after doing that cuz of some unforeseen circumstances but am now brave enough to face the challenges of thinking-of-something-to-write-for-the-sake-of-updating-my-blog.

philosophical thoughts from me? only when i'm in that "ting" (lightbulb) moment but hey...don't underestimate me, i can write things that will make you sit up and wonder..

other than that we'll just see what comes..

happy reading!