Monday, December 1, 2008

Of a Birthday, Phuket and a manly-woman mannequin (?) PART 1

You guys know about my struggle to find something exciting to do for my birthday (and yes people, i am 365 days older but that doesn't mean I'm a year wiser lol ) . So on THE day I woke up looking forward to doing nothing when my sisters surprised me with a little something..

hehe..they got my age wrong buy it's the thought that counts right..the small words at the bottom of the card says "PS will get your green tea ice-cream later. hehehe". I kinda told them one day in HaagenDazs that I would love to one day try the green tea ice-cream. so I think they made a pact that day to get me the green tea ice-cream for my birthday. how cute of them!

Mum gave me this. it was at the right time cuz I really needed to get some perfume. lol

Then my saviour Des called to ask me whether i wanted to go out. of course i did and off to pavilion we went. We wanted to watch a movie but the choices were kinda boring so i decided to go have something to eat (Des- "it's your birthday so you decide what to do today. i can do anything and eat anything. you just say and we will go." how sweet..). after like, 30 minutes of mind boggling thinking of where to eat (can you blame us? we're both blur as blur can be), we finally went to..oh what was it called?..Rain nudle house izit?..cuz we haven't been there before. Found out that it was mostly thai food there. Poor Des had a hard time cuz she can't really take chilli. We talked as though there was no tomorrow lol. we went window shopping and gossiping about alot of things. (Remember to read more of CLEO des hehe..). we decided to lepak somewhere to rest our feet so we went to JCo. I had to go for dinner with my family then so that's how our little outing ended. i thought that we had lots of fun cuz it was quite awhile that we went out like that and for that long. hehe..

it's just now that I realised that we didn't take any pictures! a lot of candid moments were wasted..

Des ur the best!

Since I was already in pavilion, my family and I decided to go to TGI Friday's for was most embarrasing when my dad told the staff that it was my birthday..and they made me stand on a chair and sang happy birthday and so like the whole restaurant knew it was my birthday! they also made fun of me which made it that much fun!

Tina, Vic, Mum and Dad

Tina and Me

Vic and Me

With Mum and Dad

all of us

all I can say that this was definitely a better birthday than the last..enjoyed every moment of it!

to be continued..