Thursday, November 20, 2008

Einstein's back!

my dear little einstein is staying with me for 4 days! im so happy cuz haven't seen him for soo long..get to be his mommy again. all was well until we went out for dinner and when we came back we found out that he pee-d all over..that got my mum furious! he wasn't the cute einstein anymore cuz we were all in a &%#$^ he was relegated (can i say that?) to the back balcony...poor guy..but all was well cuz he's just too cute to be mad at. and it wasn't entirely his fault cuz he wasn't used to the place yet..he did all the look cute and make big puppy eyes thing at us..come on! who couldn't resist that?

here's some pics of einstein (note: he looks much better in real life. i just didn't know how to take the pics from the best angles)

here's he's looking at my mum who's eating some keropok..look at the longing in his eyes...

now he's sleeping snuggly in his blanket..he looks so peaceful.. :-)

oh yeah this afternoon had to drive to lcct cuz had to pick my relatives who juz came bak from sabah..i was so excited that i could actually drive long distance for once..followed my father and pepole who have seen me driving know that i don't like going fast..i prefer to be a snail(yes, i;m one of those kind of drivers) but i was like driving at 120-140 km/h!!..u may scoff at it but that was toooo fast for me..i was like "i'm gonna die! i'm gonna die!!!" but enjoyed the thrill anyways hehe..even at the corners i was like 120 and still! thank goodness i came home in one piece. but first time on the highway and going that fast...only god knows how fast i will drive if i have my own car..

time is running out and i still haven't figured out what to do! i'll just hv to succumb to watching reruns on tv...shit..