Monday, December 1, 2008

Of a Birthday, Phuket and a manly-woman mannequin (?) PART 2

My family and I then went to Phuket for a long-deserved holiday. personally, i was excited cuz i got to sit on an aeroplane after god knows how long. except for some family who i'm not sure whether it was their first time on a plane or theyw were just plain weird, the flight went well. we stayed in the Mariott Vacation Club in Khao Lak Beach. the hotel was amazing, the staff were friendly (which they are supposed to, right?) and the room was gorgeous and H-U-G-E.

In the Plane..poor vic..she looks like she just got

Poor subjected to our pic taking session

when we reached the hotel, the staff gave us some hand garlands which were so beautiful. the white flowers which they used were so unique and unusual.

yes those are flowers. coudn't get a clearer shot. they just look like some popcorn right..anyone know the name of the flower?

we were served fruit punch while checking in


we (well, my sisters and I) had a nice time exploring the room. did you know that they even provided us with a microwave, rice cooker (lol), washing machine and dryer? we were eqipped with everything and saved us some money hehe..

we were greeted by a cute towel elephant.

my room

the view from our room

the view at night

so here are some interesting things i saw when i was there..

when we went to Tesco Lotus just to have a look around, i came across a baby powder with a very strange name..

Natural and mild ???

sweety pink???

I'm not sure if Thailand is rich or something but it seems to have pure bred dogs as strays..

such a cute and adorable shih tzu..but no owner?

I also saw a poodle and it was also a stray..hmm..

after having lunch in a restaurant, we came upon this funny signboard..

can't read it?


what's an island without a beach?

you can't see it here but the waves were huge and scary

those are just some of the pics we took in phuket..i was glad to be home. i had enough of the "sawadee ka". not in a bad way..was just happy to be back in a familiar place with food i know the names to..hehe..

(Note: no offence was meant)

to be continued..