Tuesday, September 1, 2009

have we really gained independence when we behave like this?

its the day after our country's independence but already there is a story that makes me wonder whether we were really ready for it. i read an article on

and it just made me shake my head..why would people do such things?
where is the 1malaysia
concept that has been and is continuously being promoted by the government? haven't they had enough time to absorb the fact that we are all Malaysians even though we have different races and religions. we shouldn't even be saying we have different races and religions anymore. so what if we have different races and religions. we are still Malaysians and should be protecting each other, not hurting one another. Have you been looking at your MyKads lately? under the title warganegara? Malaysian.i know how it feels like to be discriminated know who i mix with..and it hurts let me tell you that, to not be accepted by everyone. even mixed-race relationships shouldn't be frowned upon. this is where we are unique, this is where we are all Malaysians.

but then again, this is my own personal opinion..