Wednesday, August 12, 2009

world revolving and features of behaviourism

you know, i didn't know there existed people who are so selfish and demanding till today in college. oh wait, let's add unreasonable, full of drama and downright dumb. i mean like, don't you know that other people have feelings as well? ok, i know i'm not like directly at the receiving end but hey, don't stare at me as though i was the one who didn't obey your commands. come on la, you are so demanding and bossy. if you don't hear something you like, you go and sulk. if someone says something you don't like, you stomp your feet and walk out of class. if your points were not used in discussions, you slam your hand on the table and shout about how unsatisfied you are. we have ears too ok. we know you're talking about us from a mile away due to your loud voice. here's a tip: if you want to talk bad about people either do it right in front of their faces or talk softly if it's behind their backs. don't shout and make your own self look bad and needy in front of everyone. the world does not revolve around you.. oh yeah, and please tell this to your other friends who are behaving as bad as you are..they are no different than you. and stop the staring at people when you're unsatisfied with're not the only one with the 'powers' to do such things..contacts help but my eyes are much better at doing this au naturel

you can boss me around how much you want but let me tell you something
a) i'm no dictionary or spell-check on microsoft word
b) i can make friends with whoever i want and will defend them as i see fit
c) don't you ever judge me by the people i mix with
d) you do not want to see me when i'm in the mood for a verbal and maybe physical fit

if you're reading this and think i'm talking about you then good for you. if you're feeling angry about what i have said then i've done good for the world since now you know how you actually behave in public and how much you take people for granted. i hope the world will be much more peaceful after this. it's time you gave due credit to the right people.

Kudos to Faiz for his spectacular performance in 2.2 today. no one in our cohort will be able to beat you or master the intricacies of what you will be more to come i hope.. :-)

..congrats to my sweetheart..